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Sonatas for Flute
and Harpsichord
Andrew Bolotowsky,
Rebecca Pechefsky,

QC 1003
Sonata IV in E Minor
1. Largo 3:34
2. Vivace 5:00
3. Affettuoso 3:18
4. Minuetto I & II 3:06
5. Polonoise 1:29

Sonata III in C Major
6. Un poco lento 3:13
7. Allegretto 5:36
8. Largo e cantabile 3:17
9. Burlesca 2:04
10. Minuetto I & II 3:51
11. Polonoise 1:57

Sonata V in A Minor
12. Largo 3:19
13. Allegro moderato 4:33
14. Affettuoso 2:40
15. Minuetto I & II 2:41
16. Polonoise 1:36

Sonata I in A Major
17. Andante 3:20
18. Allegro 4:36
19. Largo e affettuoso 3:04
20. Minuetto I & II 3:09
21. Plaisanterie 2:56
22. Polonoise 2:10
"Bolotowsky, a New York–based baroque flutist with a long career of solo and
chamber recitals to his credit, plays each sonata with precision and polish.
Rebecca Pechefsky is an equal partner in this enterprise."
—Christopher Chaffee,
Amercan Record Guide

“Krebs is well-served by these performances. Andrew Bolotowsky's round tone
is a real treat as it comes from Peter Noy's Rottenburgh copy. This roundness
is maintained nicely in the quicker passages, which are quite clear. Rebecca
Pechefsky‘s double-manual Fisk (after Ruckers)  ... never overpowers the
flute ... Pechefsky has also given us an especially clear picture of Krebs in her
liner notes. One hopes that she and Quill Classics will bring us more Krebs.”
—Stephen Dydo,
Early Music America
These richly imaginative and witty sonatas for flute and harpsichord,
composed by Bach’s star pupil, are an ideal complement to Bach’s own works
for the same instruments as well as a perfect introduction to Krebs’s artistry.
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