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Rebecca Pechefsky,

QC 1006
Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713–1780)
Partita in A Minor  
1. Fantasia  3:10     
2. Fugue  4:24     
3. Allemande  7:45
4. Courante  3:56
5. Sarabande  5:28
6. Bourrée—Pastorelle  4:08
7. Menuett  2:17
8. Gigue  2:14

Johann Gottfried Walther (1684–1748)
9. Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme  3:54
10. Fugue in F Major  2:25

Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch (1691–1765)
Suite in C Minor  
11. Ouverture  3:26
12. Allemanda  3:55
13. Corrente  1:39
14. Sarabanda  2:42
15. Minuetta—Gavotta  2:25
16. Giga  2:18

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
17. Chromatic Fantasia  5:01
18. Fugue  5:27
“Harpsichordist and musicologist Rebecca Pechefsky enjoyed her finest hour
on the Quill Classics release,
Bach and his Circle. Quill is a relative newcomer
to the pantheon of classical labels, and this, their sixth release, seems to have
worked out the bugs and growing pains of earlier releases—these recordings
are clear, warm, and there is no stray background noise. This provides
Pechefsky with the platform she needs to demonstrate her ability to its potential,
which is to a phenomenal extent; the sheer excitement and enthusiasm that
Pechefsky brings to her interpretation of Johan Ludwig Krebs partita will
impress many ears expert in early eighteenth century German keyboard music
through its energy and intensity, and Pechefsky seems the ideal advocate for
its maiden voyage on record. Pechefsky is one harpsichordist who understands
that the instrument’s projection of rhythm is an attribute of the instrument that
sets it apart from the piano. One literally hears the tapping on the fingerboard
in Walther’s uncharacteristically dance-like Fugue in F major, and yet
Pechefsky is still able to raise one’s eyebrows with the melodic arc that opens
Walther’s chorale setting of
Wachet auf. Pechefsky’s Bach Chromatic Fantasy
and Fugue is excellent, with the expanding figures in the fantasy fanning out
with a sense of graceful motion in the manner of waves breaking against the
shore, yet still imbued with the intensity and darkness that attracts many
pianists to this music.”
—Dave Lewis,
All Music Guide

“Pechefsky has given us  supple and virtuosic performance that is amply
illuminated by the detailed liner notes. Her touch, rhythm, and phrasing are
sensitive and impeccable.”
—Stephen Dydo,
Early Music America
Harpsichordist Rebecca Pechefsky performs J.L. Krebs’s Partita in A Minor,
Hurlebusch’s Suite in C Minor (both world-premiere recordings), and Walther's
Wachet auf and Fugue in F Major—works by three composers associated
with J.S. Bach. Pechefsky concludes the program with Bach's virtuosic
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue.

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