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KREBS @ 300
Rebecca Pechefsky,

QC 1011
Partita No. 6 in E-flat Major
1. Preludium  3:57
2. Fuga  3:39
3. Allemanda  5:21
4. Courante  2:28
5. Sarabanda  5:38
6. Bourée  1:01
7. Polonoise  1:28
8. Gigue  4:10

Sonata in A Minor
9. Fantasia: Allegro  3:59
10. Allegretto  3:54
11. Allegro assai  3:02

Overture in G Minor in the French Manner
12. Ouverture  5:50
13. Lentement  5:11
14. Vivement  2:35
15. Paisan  1:34
16. Menuets I & II  4:59
17. Gavotte  1:37
18. Air avec doubles  9:36
19. Passepieds I & II  2:32
20. Rigaudon  0:38
“Pechefsky plays with skill, vigor, and impeccable taste; Krebs has indeed
found himself a worthy champion.”
—Karen Cook,
Early Music America

“Harpsichordist Rebecca Pechefsky is the ideal interpreter to bring this music
to light. She plays with assurance and authority, as if she has lived with this
music all her life ... This CD left me wanting more of Krebs’ harpsichord music.”
—Christopher Brodersen,
Johann Sebastian Bach’s star pupil, Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713–1780),
carried on his great teacher’s tradition with works such as the Overture in the
French Manner, an homage to Bach’s famous Overture in the French Style,
and the Partita in E-flat Major. But Krebs also kept up with the changing times
with compositions like the electrifying Sonata in A Minor. Rebecca Pechefsky’s
program brings together three major harpsichord works by Krebs, all world-
premiere recordings, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of composer’s
birth. Notes in English and German by the distinguished Krebs scholar Felix
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