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John Dowland and
His Contemporaries
Well-Tuned Words:
Amanda Sidebottom,
Erik Ryding,

QC 1012
Thomas Campion
1. Never Weather-beaten Sail  2:28
2. Oft Have I Sighed  2:08
3. The Peaceful Western Wind  3:34

John Dowland
4. If My Complaints  2:58
5. Orlando Sleepeth  1:28
6. His Golden Locks  3:21
7. Can She Excuse  2:47

John Danyel
8. Thou Pretty Bird  1:25
9. He Whose Desires  2:11
10. Why Canst Thou Not  1:32

John Dowland
11. I Must Complain  2:57
12. Mrs. Winter’s Jump  0:59
13. I Saw My Lady Weep  4:42
14. Wilt Thou, Unkind, Thus Reave Me  2:59

Thomas Campion
15. I Must Complain  2:02
16. Come Let Us Sound  3:01
17. It Fell on a Summer’s Day  2:29
18. Shall I Come, Sweet Love, to Thee  2:56

John Dowland
19. Mr. Dowland’s Midnight  1:15
20. Go, Crystal Tears  2:47
21. Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part  4:21
“One would be hard put to find as fine a collection of lute songs as these. The
voice of soprano Amanda Sidebottom is crystalline in its clarity. She uses just
a touch of ornamentation, always discreetly and tastefully. She has a fine
sense of both text and musical rhythm with which she interprets the various
bits of word painting with exquisite beauty. Lutenist Erik Ryding is the perfect
partner, providing a solid and sensitive accompaniment. His rhythmic acumen
is excellent, especially in the various inner voices, all of which are clear and
distinct. In short, this is an outstanding disc, and though there are other
recordings of many of the songs, this is a collection that should be a must
have for those who admire the wealth of music found in the English lute song.”
—Bertil van Boer,

“Sidebottom’s diction is excellent; she is a compelling storyteller ... Ryding’s
beautifully played solos help break up the pace and supply a welcome
change of color.”
—Erin Heisel,
American Record Guide
Recorded during the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of John Dowland’s
birth, this collection by Well-Tuned Words—Amanda Sidebottom, soprano,
and Erik Ryding, lute—gathers together some of Dowland’s best-loved songs,
along with those of his renowned contemporaries Thomas Campion and John
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