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Rebecca Pechefsky plays one of
William Byrd’s greatest fantasias
(Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, No. 52)
on an Italian-style harpsichord by
Yves Beaupré. Recorded at St.
Francis Xavier Church in Park
Slope, Brooklyn.
Bass-baritone Jonathan Woody
and oboist
Priscilla Herreid join
Brooklyn Baroque & Friends for a
complete live performance of Bach’s
sublime cantata
Ich habe genug,
BWV 82, at the Church of St. Luke in
the Fields, New York City.
Brooklyn Baroque’s flutist, Andrew
, joins forces with
Courtney Westcott for a
performance of the
Allegro ma non
from Bach’s Sonata on G
Major for Two Flutes and Continuo.
With cellist David Bakamjian and
harpsichordist Rebecca Pechefsky.
Well-Tuned Words (soprano
Amanda Sidebottom and lutenist
Erik Ryding) perform one of John
Dowland’s best-loved songs, “Awake,
Sweet Love,” from Dowland’s
benchmark collection of 1597.
Brooklyn Baroque & Friends in a
concert performance of Michel
Corrette’s Concerto in D Minor for
Harpsichord with Flute and Strings,
with soloists
Rebecca Pechefsky
Andrew Bolotowsky. Performed
at St. Luke in the Fields, New York
Rebecca Pechefsky plays Johann
Ludwig Krebs’s French Overture, the
grand opening movement of an
overture suite in the manner of the
famous keyboard suite by his
teacher, J. S. Bach. Produced for
Quill Classics by Overtone Films.
Soprano Marguerite Krull and
Melissa Attebury in
a concert performance of
Begli occhi
by Barbara Strozzi. Joined by
Rebecca Pechefsky and David
Rebecca Pechefsky performs
François Couperin’s 25th Ordre in
its entirety (five movements). Filmed
in the visually stunning rooms of the
eighteenth-century Morris-Jumel
Mansion, Manhattan’s oldest
surviving house. Produced for Quill
Classics by Overtone Films.
Brooklyn Baroque & Friends in a
concert performance of Johann
Ludwig Krebs’s rarely heard cantata
Jesu, meine Freude. With singers
Marguerite Krull, Kate Maroney,
Timothy Hodges, Jonathan Woody,
as well as instrumental soloists
Priscilla Herreid and Beth Wenstrom.
Well-Tuned Words (soprano Amanda
Sidebottom and lutenist Erik Ryding)
perform John Danyel’s song “He
Whose Desires,” one of the many
gems in Danyel’s single book of songs,
published in 1606.
Erik Ryding performs one of the most
famous lute fantasias by Francesco da
Milano, who in his own day was often
referred to as
il divino.
William Byrd: Fantasia (FVB 52)
J. S. Bach: Ich habe genug
J. S. Bach: Sonata in G Major for Two Flutes
John Dowland: “Awake, Sweet Love”
Michel Corrette: Concerto in D Minor
Johann Ludwig Krebs: French Overture
Barbara Strozzi: Begli occhi
François Couperin: 25th Ordre (complete)
Johann Ludwig Krebs: Jesu, meine Freude
John Danyel: “He Whose Desires”
Francesco da Milano: Fantasia (Ness 30)
Bass-baritone Jonathan Woody
Brooklyn Baroque & Friends
for a performance of Bach’s
tempestuous aria “Schweig,
aufgetürmtes Meer” from cantata
BWV 81.
Baroque dance specialist Caroline
and soprano Marguerite
join Brooklyn Baroque for a
rendering of Boismortier’s aria
“Règne, Amour” from his cantata
celebrating spring.
J. S. Bach: “Schweig, aufgetürmtes Meer”
Boismortier: “Règne, Amour”
Vivaldi: Sonata a due, RV 86
Eighteen-year-old recorder virtuoso
Martin Bernstein joins Brooklyn
Baroque (
David Bakamjian, cello,
Rebecca Pechefsky,
harpsichord) for a performance of
Antonio Vivaldi’s Sonata a due, RV
Soler: Sonata in A Minor, R118
Harpsichordist Rebecca Pechefsky
plays the fiery Sonata in A Minor,
R118, by Padre Antonio Soler in All
Saints’ Episcopal Church, Park
Slope, Brooklyn.